Screen printing of bottles and tubes is as much an art as it is a science. It requires the proper equipment that is set-up and operated by experienced people who are passionate about what they do. It all begins with knowledge. C-PAK Decorating Corporation employs the best collection of talented individuals in the industry.

Our core group of managers and operators is an "A" team of professionals, with a collective amount of industry experience and knowledge that goes far beyond our own company history. This team enjoys what they do and takes pride in producing decoration that meets and exceeds your expectations every time.

It all begins with taking the time and using our knowledge to review your goals and ensure that they are graphically balanced and sound. Because prepress safeguards are one of our greatest strengths, we will work with you in perfecting your desired look before any ink gets applied to a bottle or tube. Additionally, all screen making and color matching are performed in-house, thus allowing a seamless process that helps you realize your quality expectations. All of this is done with your budget and deadlines in mind.

All of our screens are burned in-house.

At C-PAK Decorating Corporation we offer top-of-the-line graphic design and file preparation services. To gain more insight into the design and production process please click on either bottle for a demonstration.